Ben Fiez

is now proudly endorsing Geronimo Jerky


Name: Benny Fiez

Nickname: lil benny
Age: 20
Team: Crusty demons
Achievements: World record for longest backflip on a minibike/ Only person in the world doing the double backflip on a minibike

Bike: crf 50 with a 108 stroker kit in it

Represented: crusty demons 07, 08, 09 trick fiddy fmx

Bones Broken: All!

Ben is a one of a kind. No not in a mental way! Well actually kinda…you see he is the only guy to have done a DOUBLE BACKFLIP on a MINIBIKE! Yeah that’s right a minibike!

He’s the kind of guy we like to have on board eating and spruiking Geronimo Jerky.

That and with the high amounts of protein in our jerky, it helps heal broken bones very quickly.


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