Seth Enslow

is now proudly endorsing Geronimo Jerky!



While Seth was in town on his last visit out here, we asked him if he’d like to hang out with a couple of hot ladies and get his photo taken. We would ofcourse also feed him his favourite beef jerky (that’s us by the way, Geronimo Jerky). Now we’d spoken to Seth quite a few times via Facebook and email, but what we were not ready for was how such a nice guy he was. Seth was down to earth, funny and just an all round cool guy.

It really was a fun day and there are a lot of people to thank for their efforts on the day…

Jennifer Holt for Make-Up

Tasha Mackenzie for modelling and

Esther Childs for modelling also

Jasmine for shooting the video

and ofcourse Seth Enlsow for showing us some love!


We also have a behind the scenes video of the shoot too in HD on Vimeo – check it here!

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