Will Briggs

is now proudly endorsing Geronimo Jerky

willbriggs1“Born in Brisbane and growing up in a loving family I never had the need to fight my way out of anything. Throughout school I played various sports, always staying active and passionate about keeping fit and becoming a better athlete. It wasn’t until after school I discovered MMA (mixed martial arts). I fell in love with the sport and all it had to offer. MMA requires an athlete to be skilled in more than one fighting discipline, including Striking, wrestling and grappling. This aspect of the sport fascinated me and I could never get enough knowledge and practice. I am still very new to the sport in many ways and have a long way to go. I have a great team behind me at Fightcross MMA and love the challenge that that every fight brings.”


Will has also discovered that Geronimo Jerky’s Beef Jerky helps him drop weight, but keep that high input of protein to help him train. He tells us it’s an awesome snack for him as it’s tasty, low in fat and packs a great protein punch!

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