Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any nitrites or nitrates or preservatives in your products?
Absolutely not. All our products are preservative-free.

What's the best way to store jerky?
Because we don't use preservatives to prevent mould, the jerky can be sensitive to humidity, so if you're not going to eat it soon:

  • Freezing
    Freeze it in an air-tight container or the sealed packaging it comes in.


  • Fridge
    Take it out of its plastic packaging and store it in the fridge on a plate.


  • Ambient
    Take it out of its plastic packaging and put it in a paper bag in a ventilated area such as the kitchen counter.

"You say Geronimo Jerky is Gluten Free, but your packaging says it contains wheat. How can this be?"

We use Soy Sauce as an ingredient and within that soy sauce there is wheat. The soy sauce brand we use is the highest quality, naturally brewed and is already tested as being gluten free.

That is the ONLY place wheat is present on our Beef Jerky.

However when we dehydrate our marinated beef over a 16 hour period that amount of wheat in the soy sauce is reduced so much that it becomes untraceable by humans.

To prove this we had our beef jerky tested:

Please note that flavours which include "BBQ" in the name, such as "Smokey BBQ" may contain gluten in the BBQ sauce.